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4app MDM features two different kind of product in a single system.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Rapidly Enroll Mobile Devices

  • 4app MDM simplify the device enrollment process to make life simple for IT and employees.

  • Integrate Mobile Devices with your Enterprise System

  • Our MDM has an architecture that makes integration easy. No extra effort, servers or network reconfigurations are required.

  • Secure Mobile Devices

  • You have the opportunity to continuously monitor devices and let you take action, if required.

  • Centrally Manage Mobile Devices

  • Our system supports multi-tenancy that let global IT managers to control all mobile assets, while IT administrators are able to see and to control only devices in a particular location or department.

  • Monitor Mobile Devices

  • 4app MDM features a smart dashboard that lets you see all important information. Check the status of scheduled operation and see important statistics like number of devices that have a given application installed or a general view on OS versions.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Manage Application Lifecycle

  • 4app MDM simplify the management of In-House applications. Request log files, send notifications, perform an action or even check if a device has been jailbroken, there are just few things you can do with the MAM part of our system.

  • Manage Application Test and Publishing

  • Our system is able to manage multiple versions of an In-House application, giving the manager the chance to setup a test stage with a dedicated group of users and later to release the app to all other users.

  • In-House Application Catalog

  • 4app MDM has a part dedicated to create an internal catalog of In-House apps and/or thirdy party apps, similar to any application store (App Store, Android Play, etc…).

  • Update data remotely

  • With a system similar to the MDM’s part, our MAM is able to handle remote data updates. In few steps, you’ll be able to update the content of an In-House application giving to users a

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