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We offer high quality services to help you to boost your company productivity.

Maintenance and support

Choose what best suits your productivity needs:

  • Light support

  • Our highly-qualified and trained staff, with its great expertise, is ready to support you by e-mail and on the phone in order to answer all your questions and to help you to enhance your productivity thanks to out.

  • Premium support

  • 24/7 availability support will always be ready for you. Doubts, questions, technical intervention and more. Right what you need when you need it.

  • Custom support

  • Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us for a custom maintenance plan and/or support contract.

Software development outsourcing

Rely on us for any software development task. Be it a tailor-made extension to 4app, an in-house app or a more generic mobile application, we provide you with support at every development phase, from the architecture design to the actual implementation. We leverage state-of-the-art development technologies for rapid prototyping and long-lasting, robust applications. Contact us to find out more and request our references.

Training programs

Become yourself an expert of the 4app platform with our training programs. Chose one or more modules among the following:

  • Administration

    • 4app usage: introduction and basic usage of the 4app software
    • Mobile device administration: learn how to administer your company devices
    • Staging and Remote configuration: learn how to remotely configure your company devices and installed applications
  • Development

    • SDK development: instruct your team of software developers to take full advantage of the 4app SDK
    • Advanced SDK features: take an in-depth understanding of all the functionality offered by the 4ap SDK and learn how to empower your software
  • Custom courses

  • Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us to request more information about custom training modules, tailor-made to satisfy your needs. App development and development support using native technologies, MonoTouch or HTML 5.

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