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4app MDM fulfills individual needs allowing further customization.

Solutions that fit your business

  • Document storage

  • Manage, access, update, delete any type of document stored on any device.

    Make backups, update versions, and do much more with 4app MDM.

  • Apps activity logging

  • Remotely manage in-house apps via a console and provide on-the-fly support to users, thanks to the 4app MDM SDK.

    For example, send remote secure queries to the device storage database with no need to have physical access to the mobile device.

  • Integration with your infrastructure

  • LDAP, ActiveDirectory, stand-alone login or your preferred authentication protocol. Maximum security communication and multi-groups (subdomains), multi-role authorization framework.

    4app MDM flexibility makes it the best choice to adapt to your enterprise infrastructure.

    Moreover, account on our team of engineers to receive custom solutions to accomodate even the most difficult requirements. Contact us.

  • Detect device users misbehavior

  • Detect terms infringements by monitoring suspicious behaviors, such as unexpected date time and time zone changes or rooted/unlocked/jailbroken devices and collect the necessary legal evidence

  • Versions dependency management

  • Track installed apps versions and operating system versions and lock accesso to the device and/or apps if an upgrade need to be required.

  • Absolute scalability and stability

  • Starting with a small number of managed devices and rapidly growing? No problem, 4app MDM architecture has been engineered to scale any number of users, devices, apps and type of infrastructure. This ensures no interruption of the service and no need for any migration along with the growth or down scaling of utilization rate.

  • Find lost devices

  • Track the registered devices, trigger rescue position-based alarms, track stolen devices.

  • Confidential data protection

  • Require pass-lock, encryption, remotely wipe, notifications in case of stealing, and much more.

  • Remote app installation

  • Remotely install Apple app-store applications and in-house applications from the company’s store to one or many devices, getting detailed information during the process, and remotely update them.

  • Remote support

  • Remotely give support to users of your in-house developed apps that implement the 4app MDM SDK.

  • Automatically generated statistics

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