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Made for Enterprise – Not only for IT
  • Easy Integration

    Don’t waste your time creating a new infrastructure to handle users and devices. Connect 4app to your existing directory service like Active Directory or LDAP. The platform can be connected to an existing infrastructure to fetch users data or can be used as standalone application.

  • Configurable Enrollment Strategy

    Activation, enrollment and staging can take place over-the-air (OTA) or tethered.
    4app lets you configure staging packages including authorized or enterprise apps and configuration profiles to be automatically assigned to device groups upon enrollment. It also integrates with Apple’s Configurator to stage and enroll devices using pre-configured restore images, including custom background / lock screen images and potentially gigabytes of application data in minutes.

    Administrators can authorize enrollment based on user identity, device type, device white-list, OS version and many other parameters.

    However you decide to implment it, 4app is designed to be as easy and straight-forward as possible for end users.

  • High Scalability

    Scalability is an area where 4app really shines. It can be deployed in a highly scalable, redundant environment, while keeping the flexibility to be run on a single machine for smaller user groups.

  • Multi-tenancy

    4app is multi-tenant capable. Global IT managers can maintain control of all mobile assets at an high level while IT administrators are able to see and to control only devices under a particular location or department.

  • High Flexibility

    4app can be installed on a physical machine or on a virtual machine, without any special configuration or extra effort. The nature of the app and its architecture makes even migrations easy to carry out.

  • Security

    4app enables IT administrators to enforce device pass-lock policies, including formation, length and renewal period.

    4app provides jailbreak detection and can be configured to notify whenever a device is compromised and also to automatically remove enterprise applications from the device or even completely remote wipe its data.

  • Manage Applications

    4app has a MAM (Mobile Application Management) module, easy to integrate in new applications or in existing ones. With this feature, you can control In-House applications and not just devices.
    By integrating 4app’s MAM module, available for both native and MonoTouch-based applications, it is possible to configure enterprise apps remotely, collect app-specific data, push documents, provide remote support, communicate to your users and much more.

  • Easy to Use

    Leveraging state-of-the-art techonologies, 4app has been designed to simplify the workflow and doesn’t require an IT expert to be used.

  • Localization

    4app MDM has been developed in Switzerland, a country well known for its multiculturalism and the coexistence of four national languages. With this in mind, Vilea put great effort in localizing the whole experience, making it easier for people having difficulty to understand English or are not used to IT terms to use it.
    Currently 4app is available in English, German and Italian, with French coming soon.

  • Smart Filter

    4app features a smart filter. You can create and handle smart searches to quickly find devices that have the latest version of an app installed or that have not been updated to the latest OS version.

  • Application Support

    Handle everything you need with 4app for your in-house applications. Push updates to devices or test a new version with a restricted group of users. Eveything you need to correctly support an in-house application is on 4app. And is simple to use.

  • Easy Data Management

    4app has a simple data management system, you just need to drag and drop what you want to add to your MDM and our system will take care of retrieve all needed information. No forms, simply upload and use it.

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